Island Information

Please call the POLICE (911 or 949-644-3717) immediately if you notice any suspicious activity, persons, or situations on the Island.  We are a Neighborhood Watch Community.

All Emergencies                                  911

Newport Beach Police Department    949-644-3717

Newport Beach Fire Department        949-644-3104

Newport Beach Animal Control         949-644-3717

Newport Beach Code Enforcement   949-644-3215

Newport Beach General Services       949-644-3055

Newport Beach Graffiti Hotline         949-644-3333

Newport Beach Park Patrol                949-795-9834

Newport Beach Parking Control        949-644-3717

For additional city information or other numbers please visit the city’s website at

Airport Noise Abatement                   949-252-5185

AT & T                                                800-750-2355

Balboa Island Improvement Assoc.    949-675-1773

Balboa Island Museum                       949-675-3952

CR&R Environmental Services          866-949-9694

Direct TV                                            855-833-4388

The Gas Company                              800-427-2200

Hershey’s Market (Marine Ave.)        949-673-0330

Hoag Hospital                                     949-764-4624

Island Market (S. Bayfront)               949-673-8580

Los Angeles Times/Daily Pilot           800-252-9141

Oasis Senior Center                            949-644-3244

Orange County Register                     877-627-7009

Poison Control                                    800-222-1222

Sheriff Harbor Patrol - Emergency     949-723-1000

Sheriff Harbor Patrol - Business         949-723-1002

Southern California Edison                800-990-7788

St. John Vianney Chapel                    949-675-2221

Spectrum Cable                                   855-707-7328